Hollywood legend Sidney Poitier & TV-Journalist Cherno Jobatey

Sidney Poitier & Cherno Jobatey

TV-journalist Cherno Jobatey is very impressed with the ease of Hollywood legend Sidney Poitier. The Acadamy Award winner talks about the past, Being brought up poor. But “I did everything with pride, always” he tells Cherno Jobatey. After winning everything you can as a performer including an Oscar for best actor, the first for a Black Man. The Miami-born Poitier became even Knight of British Empire do to his dads Bahamian Citizenship. “But that was nothing compared to being next to Martin Luther King in the civil right march”, in Washington DC in 1963. Sidney Poitier has a good laugh when TV-Journalist Cherno Jobatey tells him that his mom made him watch “Lilies in the Field” at least fifty times so that little-Cherno would see how a gentlemen talks and walks.