Cherno Jobatey, the well-known German TV personality (Washington Post)

TV-Presenter Cherno Jobatey, „a popular host of pubcaster ZDF“ (VARIETY) – is “the TV-Darling!” raves Europe’s biggest tabloid BILD.

He has „shaped the ZDF Morning News with his irrepressible zest“ states Germany’s people magazine BUNTE. „His winning smile has long been part of the TV-show“, cheers Cologne newspaper EXPRESS about the „well-known German TV personality“ (Washington Post). „No one is quite as entertaining,“ adds Germany’s TV guide HoerZu. The Times described him as „the most high-profile black journalist in television.“

Moderator  & Journalist

Cherno Jobatey im Kamerasucher ZDF

Moderator or journalist? Journalist and moderator? Which one is it – or is it both? “Cherno Jobatey is often underestimated: he is more news junkie than good-time animator” (WAZ), and moreover, he is “a moderator who has massive knowledge to pair with pure entertainment, all with astonishing ease” (SportBILD).

The good mood of the “TV darling Cherno Jobatey” (BILD) has fooled some of his interview partners, partially “because the moderator criticizes with sophisticated understatement”.

Die Welt comments on Jobatey’s style beyond the news, for example at the UdLDigital Talkshow or Cherno.The RBB-Talkshow: “The trick is to let people have their say at the decisive moment. To spin his guests’ offhand remarks out, until the guest is ensnarled in his own contradictions to a satisfying degree.” “All the while, Jobatey – in high spirits as ever and wearing his trademark sneakers – was quite able to return doggedly to the same questions,” one TV critic wrote. For “while many moderators take an intellectual approach, Cherno Jobatey displays a refreshingly honest curiosity” (MAZ).

Next to his TV appearances “Jobatey has made a name for himself as a freelance journalist in various media and as a book author” (Wirtschaftswoche).

Editorial Director, HuffPost

Since its roll out in Germany, Cherno Jobatey has been part of the leading team of the German edition of the HuffPost as its Editorial Director and author. In less than a year, the news platform has managed to get close to the top ten of German news portals.

Speaker & Lecturer

Cherno Jobatey appears frequently at congresses and conferences. His presentations often focus on communication or politics, e.g. his hit speech Digital Power. The Quiet Revolution: “In his usual, casual style, Cherno Jobatey spoke about online communication. … During his lecture before 500 guests at Expo-Wal, he described the Obama phenomenon in highly comical terms, getting many laughs” (HAZ). Cherno Jobatey is “somebody who works hard for his success”.


Limelight notwithstanding, Jobatey has long helped others in any way he can. His activism has benefited AIDS charities, One, WIZO, SOS Children’s Villages, Start, Unicef and others. Cherno Jobatey’s children’s reading project “Kopf-Kino für Kinder” received a “Land of Ideas” Award from the German President.

University Lecturer

In addition, the journalist is educating young professionals, holding teaching positions at the University St. Gallen, TU Munich, FU Berlin, Leuphana University and the University of Saarland, among others.