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Virtual Speech at an EY-Conference

Cherno Jobatey delivering a virtual speech

Cherno Jobatey’s take on cybersecurity speaking at a virtual conference of the global consulting and professional services giant EY.

Security as a topic has been around since people started coming together to meet or do business with each other. As technology became more sophisticated, security issues became more complex.

In the past, security was „just“ watching out that nothing happens or gets stolen. Today, cybersecurity is creating an environment so that something is happening at all.

Cybersecurity means knowing the administrative, technical area but also understanding the business model which is to be protected, so that attacks can be anticipated way ahead. As the attacks on Microsoft’s Exchange Server in 2021 has just shown again and what many have always known – there is the political component, too: Cybersecurity also has a lot to do with the overall geo-political climate. That’s why it needs a special caste of super brains to keep the „place“ running.