Metropolitan Club New York

Cherno Jobatey Metropolitan Club New York City

Master of Ceremonies Cherno Jobatey hosting a Charity Gala at New York’s Metropolitan-Club at 5th Avenue. Christmas time is the most important time for Charity causes, especially in the USA. 400 generous donors bought dinner tickets and enjoyed the 2-hour show performance to show their support for the exchange organization Youth for Understanding (YFU). For Master of Ceremonies Cherno Jobatey it is an unusually hard day at work: As a Master of Ceremony, or as it is called in New York, as an MC, he is performing on stage at the legendary Metropolitan Club , working a crowd that does not know him as well as they do back home in Germany. But it works. Cherno Jobatey is MCing, interviewing donors and politicians, delivered one-liners to the crowd of the super rich at the Metropolitan Club. Master of Ceremonies Cherno Jobatey has been booked for the subsequent year.