Supermodel Eva Herzigová Morning News Anchor Cherno Jobatey

Supermodel Eva Herzigová left Morning News Anchor Cherno Jobatey stunned. Not just by her striking good looks. The professionalism of supermodel Eva Herzigová amazes him just as much as the way she handles a crowd. Eva Herzigová has been true a pro ever since she started her career. A model-competition made the then 16-year old known. But it was a world wide campaign of the US Company Sara Lee turned her into a superstar: In the 90ies supermodel Eva Herzigová became Miss Wonderbra. With Morning News Anchor Cherno Jobatey she is trading secrets on how to get the attention from big companies like Hugo Boss or Victoria’s Secret. And supermodel Eva Herzigová also tells Cherno Jobatey that she is still working on an acting career.