Morning News Anchor Cherno Jobatey; every story has a start

Sneakers, suit and a winning smile: that can only be Cherno Jobatey. He has become a brand name on television, convincingly matching form and content. First and foremost, Cherno is an expert in news and current affairs. But he also knows how to present entertainment shows. A secure interviewer  on any topic, he always knows how to get that feel-good mood across. Germany’s “Early Morning Breakfast Director” has got it made – and the road to success has been surprisingly straight forward for this television expert.
Born and raised in Berlin he is the third-born in a family of six. Growing up without a father, life has made him a fighter early on. So Cherno held a variety of jobs: bicycle repair, flower delivery and working as a waiter. He learnt soon that to achieve his goals he’d have to work harder than the rest.
Cherno Jobatey studied political science at the Free University Berlin. He supported himself by teaching guitar lessons, working as an interpreter and translator, spending many a night as a DJ. As a guitar player for the “Groove Gangster Inc.” he learned how to make himself comfortable on stage and to connect with an audience. He once performed as warm-up act for German rock star Herbert Grönemeyer.
A News junkie at heart, Cherno can’t abandon his dream to become a journalist. His life seems to follow its own master plan: strange coincidences, chance encounters, and a lot of chutzpah have got him to where he could only have dreamt to be.
In his fourth semester at the Free University of Berlin he is winning a German Academic Exchange Service grant to study political science and music in Los Angeles for a year. In the US, he presents a talk on Jesse Jackson, which the Berlin-based RIAS radio station hears about. Word gets around that he is an expert on American domestic affairs. Cherno seizes the opportunity and starts producing freelance broadcasts for German radio.